•                         screens/ravenscroftscreen4.jpg !! A virtual piano like no other !! ravenscroft-logo-banner.png
    A virtual piano like no other
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    Deeply sampled German semi-concert grand
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    Deeply sampled classic American concert grand
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    Deeply sampled 10 foot Italian concert grand
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    Three deeply sampled virtual concert grands

Installation Guide


Here is a guide that will cover each step of the installation and registration process. If you follow each step as shown, you should be playing your new instrument in no time.

1- First, you should already be logged in to your VI Labs account. If not, go to the Log in page. Once logged in, go to Downloads/Serials and you will see your new library serial number. Next to the serial, you will see an Authorize button. Click on it and it will take you to the authorization page.You will be provided a download link here as well once registration of your serial number is complete.

2- Before registering your serial, you will need an iLok account if you do not have one already as well as the iLok License Manager application. Go to ilok.com and follow their directions to create a free iLok account. Keep your User ID handy as you will need it in the following steps.

3- Back on the authorization page, you may now enter your iLok User ID in the form, and the serial number should be pre-entered automatically. Please double check that you are using the correct iLok user ID at this point. Now click the “Authorize” button. You should see a success message. If not, verify that your iLok user ID and serial number are correct.

4- After authorization is complete, return to the Downloads/Serials section and locate the download link. Start downloading your library now as this will take some time depending on your internet connection speed.

5- While downloading the library, the UVI Workstation can be downloaded and installed. Look for the Support tab on our website and select UVI Workstation, then download the UVI Workstation installer for your platform and install it following the prompts. For Windows, you can choose between 32 and 64bit versions depending on your platform while the Mac version contains both 32 and 64bit capability. Standalone and available plug-in formats are all available during installation. You can skip this step if you already have it installed, but keep in mind that as our products evolve it might be necessary to update to the latest UVI version. Please check our product pages for requirements. Installing UVI Workstation will also install the iLok License Manager that is used at step 8 of this guide.

6- When your library download is complete, you should have one large zip file. If it doesn't extract automatically after download, extract it now to a location with sufficient disk space. Refer to the product pages for download and installed file space requirements.

7- The extracted files contain installers for both Mac and Windows. Choose the installer for your platform and double-click to run. You will first be prompted to read and accept the end user license agreement before continuing the installation. The next window allows you to choose where to install the sample library file. Leave the default path selected, or click Browse to choose a different location. Internal drives are preferred, 7200rpm or better with SSDs being the best choice for performance. Once a location has been selected, click Install and extraction will begin with the progress being displayed. A Success message indicates a complete installation. An error message will come up if there is insufficient disk space. Refer to the product page for library size requirements.

8- Now open the iLok license manager (located in your application folder) and sign into your iLok account. You should see your new license in the main window. Now simply drag this license and drop it to your iLok key if you're using one or to your computer shown in the left column. A success message will be displayed once the license has been moved.

9-  The final step is to open UVI Workstation and load your library. There are two ways of doing this. You can double-click on “Double click to open browser” and manually browse to the UFS library file on your hard drive. Double click on the file to load the library into the Soundbanks list, then double-click a patch listed in the center column to load the instrument. UVI Workstation can also be set to load the UFS file automatically into the Soundbanks list. To do this, you need to set up a folder where the UFS files are stored and point UVI Workstation to it. Go to the preferences of UVI Workstation, and under Soundbanks, click "Choose Soundbank folder location" to add your folder as a search path. Then restart UVI Workstation and the library should show under the Soundbanks list. This setting applies to both the standalone and plug-in versions of UVI Workstation.

10 - Double-click a patch in the center column to begin loading. Once it's loaded, the background image will be shown and the instrument is ready to play. Refer to the UVI Workstation manual to configure the audio and MIDI settings for the standalone version.

We hope you enjoy your virtual instrument library from VI Labs. Please visit our website for more information and demos, and to contact us with any questions. Thank you.

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